Pre-festival gigs:
Tiistai 26.7. klo 19.30 Kesäkatu / Rica Bar, Turku
Keskiviikko 27.7. klo 18.00 Musine, Salo

Perjantai 29.7.2022 klo 19.30
Festival Gala @ Kulttuuritalo Kiva

Lauantai 30.7.2022 klo 21.00
Salo Circus Cabaret @ Musine

Sunnuntai 31.7.2022 klo 15.00
@ Teijon ruukkikylä

Bowrain (1983, Ljubljana) is Slovenian composer, pianist, and vocalist. He received his music education at the Conservatorium of Rotterdam and Amsterdam as well as at the Temple University, Philadelphia, USA. In 2014, he released his debut album Far Out, followed in 2017 by the album Distracted, and in 2020 his last live album project 2020 Seconds Alive. 

He has performed as an opening act to bends such as LAMB, Garden City Movement, Pereira Elsewhere, Arms and Sleepers…and has shared the stage with musicians such as The Brother Moves On and Shabaka Hutchings. He has performed across Europe, the United States and South Africa.

”Time” music video